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Jul 7 2017

Metroid – Fusion (U)(GBANow) ROM – GBA ROMs #metroid, #fusion #(u)(gbanow), #nintendo #gameboy #advance, #gba


Metroid – Fusion (U)(GBANow) ROM

Game Description & Reviews:

Overview Metroid Fusion is a sidescrolling 2D action-game for the Game Boy Advance. Chronologically, it is also most recent game according to the Metroid Timeline.

Sloshy rates this game: 5/5

Metroid Fusion is the fourth main game in the Metroid series and takes place after Super Metroid and Metroid: Other M. The story involves Samus Aran getting infected with the “X Parasite”, a mysterious species that kills everything in it’s path and replicates the creatures it takes over. You’re saved by a vaccine made from the remains of the baby metroid in Super Metroid, letting you absorb X Parasites without harm, but making you extremely weak to cold like metroids are. You are then sent aboard the BSL research station where you find X Parasites, as well as an unexpected enemy. Because you’re inherrantly weaker than other metroid games, there’s a sense of fear as you navigate the corridors of the BSL station, trying not to get killed. The game boasts fantastic graphics and creepy tunes. While more linear than previous Metroid games, lots of unexpected things happen that require you to make your own path through the research station. This game was always one of my favorite GBA games and is a wonderful, terrifying and challenging experience.

Pontinho rates this game: 5/5

An amazing game. Sure it is a bit short and it tells you everything you have to do, but there are many hidden items that are hard to find and harder to get. To really beat this game, you must beat it with all the items in under 6 and a half hours. This gives you a harder and better ending. Which is challenging to most players. The good thing about the co iving you orders is that it is very clear where you have to go but it provides challenges on how to get there, and if you arent careful, the first few times you will need to watch carefully to beat the bosses as some (like the spider) can take out three life bars in one hit, and will continuously hit you if you don’t know how to evade it.

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